My sugary Story

The day my Honey suggested that we try making cake pops started it all. He had no idea that his wife would become addicted to all things made of sugar. My obsession gave him an endless supply of cake, pops, and goodies to eat. The more I made the more I wanted to make. Yep, all this sweet, cakey stuff really blew my skirt up.  In the beginning it  was pops, and cakes then sugar flowers followed. A sugar flower garden has sprouted in my studio. One thing lead to another and another.

Not long after the "all things sugar" obsession began, my Honey came home with my birthday present - three months early. He couldn't wait for the official day. Grinning big, he handed over the festive polka dot bag that held my camera. I fell in love with the beautiful camera I named Ooh La La. Photography became part of my list of obsessions, and well, that's just icing on the cake!